Importance of Factory Layout Design - Project Management

Published: 05th May 2010
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A successful Factory Layout Design must consider work done; flow and routing of output; equipment size, capability and capacity considering product mix; crew sizes and skills; inventory and cycle time goals; material handling and safety.

Project Management- Project management is the well-designed and well-organized planning to handle a project to fulfill its goals and produces adequate results related to it. Project management consultants are specialized people who understand and realize the requirement of the project.

Factory Layout Design, or the physical organization of people, materials and machines within a workplace, is at the very heart of productivity

A properly designed Factory layout is an important source of competitive advantage. It can:

* Operate At Low Cost

* Provide Fast Delivery

* Accommodate Frequent New Products

* Produce Many Varied Products

* Produce High or Low Volume Products

* Produce At The Highest Quality Level

* Provide Unique Services Or Features

Benefits of a thoughtful layout

By analyzing and improving workplace (and workspace) layout, it is possible to:

1. Position today's output, personnel, process and equipment efficiently within the facility.

2. Organize and cut through the "spaghetti" flow that adds distance and confusion. Optimize product flow through the process, make it visible. Simplify and reduce product and personnel movement.

3. Place work stations and inventory to amplify their interactions.

4. Add output, capacity and utilization by relieving space constraints.

5. Reduce handling and damage to product.

6. Simplify organization of material from receiving through shipping.

7. Allow for future growth or consolidation.

8. Modernize arrangements which no longer fit the business model or economy. If your organization makes improvements as we move out of the downturn, you can achieve immediate results, as well as form a base for continuing improvement.

Factory Layout implementation

Factory Layouts tend to be fixed in place for a long time, because a new one can be expensive and cause disruption as it is installed. And too, a layout will probably be obsolescent soon after it is put in due to new equipment or product or a shift in volumes.

Factory Layout implementation cost and complexity varies; if utilities such as water and drains are under a concrete floor, a change will be long and expensive. Many modern buildings provide utility access from the ceilings, even drains, and changes can be accomplished much more readily and swiftly. If possible, place really permanent objects together to minimize the obstructions to later expansion or rearrangement.

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